Hi! My name’s Viva, and I love Las Vegas.

I’ve visited over 20 times since I turned 21… and I’m only 26. I even have the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign tattooed on my arm! If that doesn’t tell you I’m serious about Sin City (and also slightly crazy), I don’t know what will. (If you’re still not convinced, I encourage you to read my bio with a straight face and tell me I’m sane. I’m waiting.)

I enjoy doing it up and living like a high roller in Vegas, but all of my trips have either been as a broke college student scrambling to gather enough change to pay for beer, or now as a broke liberal arts graduate struggling to pay back student loans (apparently creating a Vegas blog is what you do with an American History/Political Science degree, grandma!)

Whenever I go on a new trip, my friends always ask some variation of: “Really? You’re going AGAIN? I thought you were just there! How do you afford to go so much? Don’t you lose money? Vegas is so expensive!” (Sadly, nobody ever asks about my long-suffering liver.)

Despite my tight budget, I’ve been able to make Vegas work with my extremely limited income, and I want to help you do the same.

Las Vegas as a Value Destination

For a long time, Las Vegas had a reputation as a value vacation destination accessible to the everyday American. Sadly, the introduction of resort fees, paid parking, absurd taxes, exorbitant ticket fees, and complicated reward systems have left many visitors confused, overwhelmed, and unaware of the many insider deals — overpaying for an underwhelming experience.

I firmly believe that Las Vegas is still a value destination, and I’m here to show you how to hack Vegas so you can live like a high roller… on a low roller’s budget!

I’m not here to sell you on a “winning” gambling system or shady hotel deals. Nor am I here to push you towards any company for a commission; all of the opinions (some of which you’ll probably come to hate) are my own and based solely on the experiences of myself and trusted friends; I make no guarantees except that I will provide you honest and genuine information to the best of my ability. No fake news here.

Viva Las Value

So how did I get the crazy idea to start a blog named Viva Las Value?

In my time in between trips (it’s somehow always too long), I enjoy researching the best deals and value hunting. Over the years, I’ve accumulated an absurd amount of Las Vegas knowledge.

When I saw on Facebook that my middle school friend, Billy, was in Las Vegas, I messaged him immediately. We hadn’t talked in years, but I was excited for him and wanted to live vicariously through his experience. I messaged to see what he had planned and shared some recommendations. As I began typing, the Facebook messenger box quickly filled and I had to switch to a Word document. I got carried away in all the details, feeling the contagious excitement of Vegas, and with a shit-eating grin across my face, the thought hit me like a ton of bricks: “I SHOULD WRITE A VEGAS BLOG!” I excitedly called my mom and she, as moms always do, gave me unconditional encouragement. I couldn’t keep the idea off my mind at work the next day, so I messaged some friends for a reality check.

Nobody had the foresight to tell me I was crazy, so I went full steam ahead as I do and started brainstorming name ideas. I messaged my friends who had went to Vegas with me for ideas, and Alicia immediately shot back “degenerate deals.” While embarrassingly accurate to those who know me, I feared the degeneracy may scare off the more morally upright of my readers (I know you’re out there somewhere, don’t be shy!). So I went back to the drawing board until my friend Melissa suggested “Viva Las Value.”

That was it! It had everything I love about Vegas: the energy and excitement of my favorite neon city,  the promise of a fun trip, a smart budget consciousness, and even a homage to my middle-namesake’s legendary love song for my favorite city. (Yes, my middle name is really Elvis.)

In the posts, pages, and days to come, I hope to illuminate the ways that Vegas can be a fun value destination for you.  I firmly believe that Vegas has something for every person at every budget, and I want to help you find your niche. So please join me in this journey and…