Glossary Cage - Another word for the cashier; where you redeem your chips and TITOs. Coin In - How much money you wager/cycle through a machine. This does not take…

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Casino 101

Going to the casino can be overwhelming, especially the first time. Your senses are constantly stimulated; bright lights are flashing, tables erupt into boisterous cheers against the constant buzz of slot machines whirring, the sense of possibility is palpable in the air, and you can almost feel the excitement of a big win as you tip back your free drink.

Here at Viva Las Value, I’ve got your back! Here’s your step by step guide on what to do (click on the blue links for more details on each step)! (more…)

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Bankroll Management

You know how it seems like you’re rolling in the dough when your paycheck gets deposited? But then you pay your cellphone bill, car insurance, rent, and student loans, and the next thing you know you’re broke and counting down the days until your next paycheck? They can be a long 28 days…

You should set your gambling budget before you leave home. While this is money that you are considering as already spent, it sucks if you lose all of it in the first hours of your trip, leaving you with a couple of days in Las Vegas and nothing to gamble with. This is where effective bankroll management can come in and save you from your degenerate impulses.


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Players Cards

Players clubs are kind of like filing taxes.

We all do it, but most of us have no idea what the hell we’re doing. There’s no tax class in high school or college, so nobody really ever learns how to do them; I can tell you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but I have no idea what the difference between a W2 and W4 is. It’s just assumed that we all know how they work, and most of us don’t, to our disadvantage.

Those who are in the know take advantage of loopholes, exploiting them to get huge refunds. Meanwhile, those who are new to filing don’t know what they don’t know, and end up leaving tons of free money untouched. Efforts to self-learn are intimidating, since forms ask for jargon that isn’t even taught in college microeconomics courses and differences from state to state make it hard to even know what to ask.

While I can’t give you advice on sheltering money in the Cayman Islands, I can help you make the most of your gambling and entertainment budget.


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Setting a Gambling Budget

Think of the last time you were hungry and went grocery shopping without a plan.

We all like to kid ourselves into thinking we have self-control, but that responsibility goes out the window the second you see the junk food aisle. Next thing you know, you’re inhaling a sleeve of Double Stuf Oreos. It feels great in the moment, but even more awful once the regret starts to set in.

There’s an easy solution: making a grocery list before you go to the store and sticking to it.

Just like walking into a supermarket with no plan and an empty stomach is the best way to ensure you’ll leave with a full cart, walking into a casino with a full wallet and no plan is virtually guarantees that you’ll leave with an empty wallet (like I did the first three times I went to Vegas).


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American Casino Guide (ACG)

Remember the days when information was in books? And you’d impatiently flip to the back and skim the index to quickly find what you need?

Then you’ll love the American Casino Guide. Except, instead of flipping right to the index, you’ll be making a beeline to the valuable Vegas coupons in the back of the book, and ignoring the pages of information about tribal casinos in Bumfuck, Nowhere.


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