Question #10: Off the Strip


This will be our 4th time to Vegas for our anniversary. We usually stay on strip all week and one night at Fremont. This year I am trying to convince my wife to go off the strip and visit the local casinos. Do you have any suggestions, we fly in so we will have to Uber wherever we go.

I want to get off the strip for a few nights out for dinner and gambling. Any help would be great, facing surgery when we return, want to make this something special, might not make it back again

Frodog61, Kentucky | June 10, 2019


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Vice Advice #8: Sharing Players Cards


Is there a way around or what are the best practices for using our Total Rewards Card (Caesars Rewards)? What I am truly looking into is… my wife and I both gamble in Vegas and only once a year average stay is usually 4-5 days. Can we link our rewards cards or will they give us a second card so we can both play (using the same account) at different parts of the casino? Hoping to have enough play to get something while we are still in Vegas each trip. Building for future room isn’t really an option because its a year before we get back. Let me know your thoughts and have really enjoyed the page and have also enjoyed your twitter.

Hoosier Vegas, Cornfields of Indiana | April 16, 2019


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Vice Advice #5: First Time at the LINQ

Question #5

Hi! My husband and I are traveling to Vegas in April for the first time and I have no ideas where to even start. We are flying in on Saturday and should be there before lunch and leaving the next Tuesday morning. I have reservations at the LINQ however, the rest of the trip is completely open to suggestion. HELP!!!!! We want to get the most of our time and money while there!

Chelsey, Arkansas | February 2, 2019


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Vice Advice #2: Daily Budget

Question #2

How do you budget yourself effectively so you don’t blow your whole budget day 1 and find yourself either putting more money in than you intended for, or sitting around and not enjoying the full sights of Vegas?

Trey, Lincoln, Nebraska | December 16, 2018


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