Sometimes the best kept secrets are right there in front of you, and you just have to be in the know enough to ask. That’s definitely the case at one of my favorite downtown grind joints, as even *I* was surprised to discover my last trip.

Although many may underestimate the yellow-tinted and heavily-perfumed dive, it turns out they offer one of the best free deals in Las Vegas!

The El Cortez has an excellent deal (that amounts to about $40 worth of match play, free play, and drinks) if you show the player’s club a boarding pass from any airline within 24 hours of landing.

Yes, this is a not-so-humblebrag. Look at all of that influence.

When I find out that you can use any boarding pass for this promotion, I’m shocked (or shooketh, as the youth say these days)!

I drunkenly tweet this message with one hand as I chug my comped Bud Light with the other. The next day, I groggily open Twitter, and this tweet has BLOWN UP.

The replies ranged from from surprise, to disbelief, to questions.

Somehow, this amazing deal had flown (pun intended) under the radar of even the savviest of Vegas goers until I cracked the code and broke the Las Vegas bank.

So how do you take advantage of it? Quite easily, it turns out. In fact, you don’t even have to stay at the ElCo.


The Deal

Head over to the El Cortez players club as soon as you get settled, but no later than 24 hours after you land.

After you produce a boarding pass and confirmation number, the attendant will load an offer onto your players card which you can instantly redeem at the kiosk.

When you get to the kiosk, you’ll get your choice of a card, which will flip over to reveal what you’ve won.

I don’t believe in destiny until it comes to picking the lowest prize on the screen.

The machine claims there are different prizes that you can win, but the bare minimum is ALL of the following:

  • $25 of match play (for table games)
  • $10 of free play (for slots)
  • A free well drink or domestic beer (from the bar)

Perhaps you’ll get luckier than I was and hit the ever-elusive big prize (what is it you ask? Unfortunately I can’t tell you — I was too drunk to notice), but even if you’re not, don’t sweat it; about $40 of value isn’t bad for showing a boarding pass that you already bought. Hell, if you’re flying Frontier or Spirit, you may even be making money by showing your boarding pass.

Not pictured: the $10 of free play loaded onto my card.

The El Cortez player’s club is open from 8am-12 midnight, so be sure to head over before you get too degenerate!

And be sure to check out The D’s boarding pass promotion to see if you can double down on your luck!

Have you had any luck redeeming this offer and hitting it big? Share your experiences in the comments!

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