Below are some frequently asked questions… (legitimate ones to come, but if you have any, please email me).

How can I support Viva Las Value?

Spread the word! Let your friends know about my site and/or share links via social media so that I can help more people enjoy Las Vegas. I’ve also got a spiffy page that describes ways you can support Viva Las Value.

Is it true that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?

Absolutely not. STDs, gambling debt, and hangovers will definitely follow you home. As should tons of fun stories and memories, especially if you’ve got friends like mine 🙂

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in Vegas?

A man turning down a free drink.

How can I get free/cheap drinks?

If you’re “actively gambling,” you will get free drinks in Las Vegas. If you’re trying to stretch your budget, I recommend slow rolling as a way to score free drinks without gambling much.

What are your favorite happy hours?

Check out my page on Happy Hour deals and see if you can beat my drink records.

What do you recommend for _____? What should I do for _____?

Fill out this form with as much detail as possible so I can give you the best possible free Vice Advice.



How many drinks can you drink on the High Roller Happy Half Hour?

My record is 10.

How do you prevent a hangover?

The only guaranteed way to prevent a hangover is to remain sober… but let’s be real, we’re talking about Las Vegas here. The best thing I’ve found is to drink LOTS of water throughout the day (remember you’re in a desert and slamming back a diuretic); no joke, I buy a gallon of water at the ABC store and carry it around with me until it’s gone. Drink some electrolyte powder (I’m partial to Drip Drop berry flavor) and slam back a few more waters for good measure before passing out.

How do you sleep at night?

Comfortably, under the top sheet and a blanket, with a fan blowing on low.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

No. I concede that, logically, the answer is yes. But I am not emotionally prepared to type those words.

Will the Minnesota Vikings ever win a Super Bowl?

LOL. No. Sadly.