Remember going to the arcade as a kid, eating junk food, playing games with friends, winning tickets, and going home with a big smile and a cheap trinket?

Unfortunately, after about the age of 12, it’s generally frowned upon to frequent arcades (I would know; my friends and I definitely got some glares when we brought Alicia to Chuck E Cheese’s to celebrate her 20th birthday…).

Fortunately, there’s something even BETTER!

Casinos are like arcades for adults, but superior in every way! Instead of mediocre pizza you get free drinks, and instead of plastic toys you can go home with some extra cash in your wallet.

Adult Playgrounds

An adult playground probably isn’t the first image that came to mind when you thought of a casino. But that’s exactly what they are! Casinos are meticulously designed to be as comfortable, enjoyable, and pleasurable as possible. I mean, they hand out free drinks… need I say more?

Casinos are packed full of drinking, dining, shopping, entertainment options that can be enjoyed at steep discounts — or even free. Not only do casinos offer you entertainment value while you’re gambling, they offer you these “comps” to entice you to come back. Armed with the proper knowledge, you can make the most of these comps, stretch your dollar further, and maybe even come home with a couple extra bucks.

I’m not going to try and sell you on any “winning systems” (they don’t exist). I’m here clear up common misconceptions, teach you the basics to help develop your confidence in the casino, and show you how simple and easy gambling is in my beginner-friendly guides, empowering you to maximize your enjoyment and entertainment value… without breaking the bank.


The Importance of a Gambling Budget

I’m not one for rules, nonetheless following them, but there is one rule that you MUST follow if you’re going to gamble. Before you even set foot in a casino, you need to set (and stick to) a gambling budget.

Let me say that again, louder for the people in the back: YOU NEED TO SET (AND STICK TO) A GAMBLING BUDGET BEFORE YOU SET FOOT IN A CASINO. Read my post on how to set a gambling budget to get started.

After you’ve got your budget set, you’ll be ready to dive into the exciting world of casino gambling! Explore further to learn how to buy in/cash out, what games to play, strategies to optimize your return (and/or beer), and much more!