Viva Las Value would not be possible without the endless support of my incredible family and friends.

It’s impossible to articulate how amazing these people are; they deserve much more than shoutout on a low-brow page like this. Anyways, as I launch Viva Las Value, I want to thank the people who have always been in my corner.



My #1 from day 1. The embodiment of unconditional love, support, and compassion. I cannot thank her enough, and hope to be half as amazing as she is if I ever grow up.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don’t think that’s nearly enough.



The original inspiration behind this site. Who’d have thought my middle school geekery would be rekindled like this?



The best hype (wo)man and editor ever. Somehow she hasn’t tired of my constant revisions/ideas/questions at all hours of the day. The genius behind the naming of Viva Las Value as well.



The world’s greatest boss (even if he’s a Packers fan). The real MVP for always letting me take vacation for my frequent Las Vegas trips, and supporting me in and out of work.



The patron saint of patience for listening to my stream of consciousness in the office and being supportive even when she disapproves of all of my life choices. And for tolerating my chatter about tattoos.



The hype man. His supportive enthusiasm keeps me going, and his keen eye for web design is to thank for a lot of Viva Las Value’s styling.



The Resident Degenerate. A shared love of gambling, entrepreneurship and self-improvement guide our always fruitful discussions. Also poised to be the first Viva Las Value tester in Las Vegas!



The straight shooter who tells me what I need to hear, whether or not it’s what I want to hear. Her enthusiastic support of Viva Las Value is all the more meaningful with this in mind.



The best bromance a guy could ask for. Even if he skips leg day and takes 3 days to respond to a text.



The coolest ginger I know. Other talents include: wit, writing, and web design. Also our extra X chromosome in the Trifecta of Awesome, who challenged gender norms since she’s stronger than Mac and I.



The embodiment of a Phi Gamma Delta gentleman. A founding member of the #AnnualDestinationBirthdayPartyInLasVegas, and always has my back even though I sometimes miss his Sunday calls.



The spontaneous, last-minute yes man that everyone deserves. The other founding member of the #AnnualDestinationBirthdayPartyInLasVegas, and a great prankster.



My first tipster! A super friendly FHBM fan, and fellow Vegas nerd who helped give me the motivation to press on.

My Readers

The reason I do it all. Please email/tweet me if anything on this site is helpful. I promise it will make my day! Thank you for visiting, reading, and supporting Viva Las Value!

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