Keno is a mix of the lottery and bingo. If you thought to yourself “so it’s a mixture of horrible odds and a painstaking game?” you are 100% correct. I will be completely transparent here: I do not recommend playing keno.

There are 80 numbers on a standard keno board, and the player selects the number(s) they think will be drawn. A certain amount of numbers are randomly drawn, and if enough of the player’s numbers are drawn, they will win an amount corresponding to how many numbers they chose and how many were drawn. Casinos adjust the payouts to be way lower than the true odds, which makes keno one of the worst returns in the casino. The high speed of machines exacerbates this problem, making it easy to blow through tons of money quickly.


Sergio’s Scoop:

Don’t play keno

Keno has the worst return in the casino, and it makes an infuriating “ding, ding, ding, DING, ding, ding, DING” sound that will annoy you and everyone in a 10 foot radius.

Seriously, don’t play keno

Slots are just as easy to play (they require no strategy), and are a lot more fun with better returns to boot.


Video poker has a way better return than slots or keno, and you can play it at the bar, which means abundant free drinks.


If you still insist on playing Keno, I doubt that the odds will dissuade you, but I still recommend that you check out the Wizard of Odds’ guide on keno for a more detailed description of why it’s the worst bet in the casino before blowing your money.

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