Do you ever come across something that piques your interest and want to learn more about it? So you start surfing the internet, sorting through the plethora of information out there trying to find quality sources? And next thing you know, it’s 2:00am?

Okay, maybe that’s just me. I’m a nerd and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Either way, I hope that Viva Las Value will spark some excitement for you. If you’d like to learn more or do some independent research, I can personally vouch for the following websites and resources — I use all of them myself.

Five Hundy by Midnight Podcast

Five Hundy by Midnight is the original Las Vegas podcast. It gives listeners a weekly dose of news, trip reports, upcoming developments, and overall Vegasy goodness with a touch of snark. With over 650 episodes dating back to 2005, it gives history nerds like me a lot of *exciting* Vegas history to sift through, and is the most enjoyable way to stay current with Vegas happenings. Tim and Michelle, the podcast’s hosts, will feel like your best friends after a couple of episodes; give them a listen and send them a karma donation (they’ve delivered for me twice, to the tune of 2 $1000 royal flushes). Keen listeners will even catch a call in from Viva Las Value’s own Sergio from time to time.

Wizard of Odds

The Wizard of Odds is THE definitive source on gambling. There are sections for each casino game that break down the rules, odds, and optimal strategy. I appreciate that the Wizard deals only in math and logic, and does not try to sell you on a winning system (spoiler alert: none of them work; if they did, dontcha think the author would be busy exploiting their edge instead of selling it online?). is a great source for up to date Las Vegas information. A search on their top bar will give you good information about almost any Vegas attraction, hotel, destination, or show, as well as the ability to book tickets. Of course check prices elsewhere before buying through them, but they consistently have the some of the best deals online. If you do buy from, be sure to sign up for an account, as they offer “insider pricing” to subscribers, as well as periodic promotions where you can save $50 on purchases over $250, $100 on purchases over $500, etc. I’ve booked a hotel and multiple attractions through, and have always had a pleasant experience with no issues.

Vegas Fanatics

Vegas Fanatics is another great forum about Las Vegas and gambling. As is always the case with a forum, take the opinions with a grain of salt, but it can be a great resource for reading about peoples’ experiences. The “Casino Floor” section has some great user experiences on different games, and the user Tringlomane is an expert on Video Poker. While you’re there, enjoy some photos of big wins (affectionately referred to as “slot porn” or “VP porn”) and live vicariously through members’ trip reports.

Vegas Message Board

Vegas Message Board is a great forum about Las Vegas. It has a wealth of information and experiences about Vegas. I’ve met a few people from this forum on some of my trips, and it’s always fun to meet fellow Vegas enthusiasts. VMB has been around for a while, so be sure to check the date on posts to make sure you’re not looking at outdated information. Check out their “Vegas Get Togethers” section if you’d like to meet someone to show you the ropes.

Vital Vegas

Vital Vegas is a great website for Las Vegas news and rumors. In an era of fake news and social media that perpetuates misinformation, you can count on Vital Vegas for a good, reliable scoop. Their Twitter offers a great mix of juicy rumors and irreverent tweets, while the blog has more detailed and substantiated scoops.

Las Vegas Advisor

Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor offers subscribers a great value. While the $37 annual fee may seem steep, it will quickly pay for itself many times over with all of the coupons it offers. Subscribers also receive access to (clunky) forums, reader polls, and a monthly newsletter, but the real value is in the yearly coupon book. Check out my post on the Las Vegas Advisor (LVA) member rewards book.

American Casino Guide

The American Casino Guide is a yearly guide to casinos that has largely been made obsolete by the invention of the internet. However, the coupons that it offers are still very relevant, and more than justify the <$20 purchase of the book. Flipping through the book can be entertaining, however the gambling advice is best left to the Wizard of Odds. Check out my post on the American Casino Guide (ACG) coupon book.