Hey there! I’m Sergio, nice to meet you.

I was raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and don’t cha know… if growing up a Minnesota sports fan doesn’t build character, I don’t know what does.

I graduated from college with $25,000 of student loan debt and a super useful and employable liberal arts degree. I guess the answer to the age old question of “what are you going to do with that degree?” is not something practical like law school or running for elected office, but is actually running a blog about Las Vegas (blogging is easier than a podcast, since it’s hard to talk with your tongue in cheek).

After a short-lived middle school teaching career, I transitioned into higher education. Trust me… you’d drink too if you worked with college students.

In the time between Las Vegas trips, I help my body recuperate with yoga, biking, and running. I also enjoy blowing my money on beer, bourbon, baking, and concerts.

I hope you’ll enjoy my exaggerated, irreverent, and larger than life take on everything Las Vegas — but, as always on the internet, take anything you read with a large grain of salt (after all, I don’t take myself seriously… so why should you?)!

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