There are a variety of side games that you can play in Las Vegas.


Slot Golf

Everyone pools together a set amount of money into a shared TITO. Determine how many “holes” (machines) you will play. They then each pick a machine, and everyone spins on each machine until they win any amount of credits. Record how long it takes each person to hit, and play until the TITO runs out or you finish all of your machines. The person with the lowest score gets to keep the TITO (if it’s a large win, common courtesy dictates you buy a round for your friends).


Stripper Card Games

On the Las Vegas Strip, there are tons of people that slap cards together and try to hand them to you. Upon further examination, they’re calling cards for strippers. If only women threw themselves at me the way these promoters throw these cards at me… anyways, these can make for a couple of fun games, however offensive and objectifying they may be:

Gotta Catch Em All

Make a bet with friends to see who can collect the most cards by the end of the day. The person with the highest stack wins a free drink.

Then, if you’re a devious asshole like me, hide them in places your friends won’t expect them, so they’ll have an awkward surprise to explain when they get home.

Matching Game

Look through all of the cards you collect and try to find two copies of the same card. The first person to find a match wins a free drink.

The Price is Right

See who can find the highest (or lowest) priced escort. A drink to the winner!

Guess Who?

Choose a category (name/price/buzzword/race/hair color/etc) and see who can find the most cards that fit that criteria in a set amount of time. Winner gets, you guessed it, a drink.




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