Day 1.5/2: I will not sleep!

After finishing my last post, I did not want to end my night early, but I did not want to continue getting my tuckus handed to me. So I decided to move my plan for a massage from the next day to that night. 

The Massage

I went to NVSpa that is located at El Cortez, which is conveniently open until midnight. I booked my appointment for an hour again. I killed some time having Southern Fried Chicken from Siegel’s 1941, and while I ate at the Parlor Bar, I saw SlotLady twice! Sadly, I didn’t get her attention and got a photo. It’s amazing how meek I could be. 

I received a 60 minute foot and body combo massage with an essential oils upgrade. The masseuse was lovely, though there was a bit of a hiccup- she had me undress in the wrong room! Since my feet were included in the massage, I needed a room with a foot bath in it. Sadly, that wasn’t my room. So I have to get up, huddle my clothes together, mask in mouth and shuffle over to the room I was supposed to be in… on the other side of the spa. I am just glad I decided to keep my boxer briefs on. Though, if I was wearing briefs or less, I wouldn’t mind having to walk across the spa. I have a startling lack of shame for a guy my weight. 

The massage was great, though at times a little rough. Though the masseuse was very attentive and adjusted appropriately. And for $70, you can’t really find a better massage deal anywhere. I recommend NVSpa at El Cortez heavily.

I decided to turn in after my massage, but I couldn’t keep still, I was tossing and turning for hours before I decided to start my gaming day early- midnight. I start off playing Super Times Pay Video Poker. It’s an exciting game where for just one extra credit per line you could get a multiplier of up to ten times. The mini-session went well after I got my first straight flush!

Midnight Gambler

Then I shuffled out into the night, first to Plaza. I was determined to get the final Silver Strike. The Cage won’t let me buy them or trade them for other tokens. I was going to have to win them. It was back and forth, win a token that I already did, cash it in at the Cage, put the money back into the machine ad nauseum. But at long last after $50 worth of spins, my collection was complete! I collapse onto the machine in exhaustion, rose up groggily to the ticket redemption machine, cashed what cash I had left, and walked out of Plaza with my token. Though if you saw it in person, you could say I was overdramatizing it, but whatever.

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