Day 2: Obsession

(Note Due to excitement of Las Vegas and the excitement of everyday life. This recollection was created approximately two weeks after my trip)

I’ve fallen into the trap that Vegas has laid out for me. Chasing the big wins, or even some tokens. So rather than just give you a standard chronological review. Let me just break it up by my obsessions.

Silver Strikes

Silver Strikes are a line of slot machines that were produced by IGT. Once ubiquitous on and off the Strip, since the mid 2010s, they can only be found in three downtown casinos; the Four Queens, El Cortez, and Plaza, which brought them back in early 2020. In my previous post, I told you about how I was determined to get all four tokens from the machines. Now, my focus was on the four queens; they have 11 machines and considered the center of the Silver Strike universe.

Prime Rib

*chef’s kiss*

About a week before I went to Vegas, I tried a slice of Prime Rib from the buffet at Atlantis. I. Was. Hooked. It was juicy, tender, and even thought it was medium; I was raised to have everything well done; I thought it was perfect. Now, knowing of El Cortez’s famous Prime RIb Special, I decided to put my dining credit to good use. I loved it! Excellent presentation, a good portion that isn’t too big, and the sides were awesome. Everyone should try it at least once. 

Video Poker

Bonus points for the Royal being on the big line.

Beginners Luck is alive and well. Three straight flushes and a ROYAL on top of that? I love it. Then, another sleepless night and…I’m  more ambivalent. Super Times Pay, Double Super Times Pay, Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker. I may not be able to get to a buffet full of fried chicken, but hot dang, it’s a buffet of gambling! Well, I kept chasing those multipliers and hoping to snag a royal or four of a kind, and lost a bunch of money. Bright side, I do get those valuable valuable points! 

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