Final Day: Redemption

My final day, I started wandering the streets of Las Vegas trying to find a Credit Union Co-op ATM that accepts deposits at 2 in the morning. (No luck). All i had to show for it was a still untapped Gamblers’ Box pocket safe and sore ass legs. After getting my ass handed to me on Thursday night, I was determined just to take it easy. Relax in my amazing hotel room, have a great meal, and just take it easy until I can get back home. I’m kind of glad I didn’t follow that plan too closely.

Free Bet Blackjack

This is the most popular blackjack variant in Las Vegas. How the game works is if you get a hard 9, 10, or 11 without an Ace, you can double down with a special lammer and get the double down winnings without the double down bet. You can win $20… or lose $10, which is pretty sweet for Blackjack. If you get a non-10 pair, you can split with that lammer, too, and win more without betting more. (Though, if you’re upset with the rule that the pair can’t be tens, shut up you imbecile and be happy with your 20!) If you have noticed I took care to not use the word “free” in my description of the game. Maybe it’s all the economics classes I took in college, but I don’t want to say anything truly comes free, even these wagers. Well, in return for that special lammer, all non-busted/blackjack hands push anytime the Dealer breaks with 22, even without doubling or splitting. It can be a downer at times when you have a big bet with “free” doubles and splits, all to see it push because of a 22, but it’s all apart of the fun.

Gotta love some chip porn.

I first discovered this game during my first trip to Vegas and have been hooked ever since. And with this trip, I have good reason to be. I went to Golden Gate, and played $100 on the table and walked away with $230! I then went to the Plaza, and played just $60…. And turned that into $230 as well! I like it! I like it a lot! If you see this game, play it! It allows you to be wild and reckless in blackjack without the risk of losing a lot in one round. (Though, stay downtown, Golden Gate and Plaza pays 3:2 on the game!)

Silver Strikes at El Cortez

This machine was down when I first came to Vegas, and at long last it was back up! I took some time to get one more Silver Strike for the road. 

Silver Strike at the El Cortez!

Speakeasy Barbershop

I needed a haircut and El Cortez had just the place. The Speakeasy barbershop is on the second floor of the El Cortez, right above the Craps table. This place was amazing. The owners were nice, the conversations were great, and the service was too notich. Andres the owner gave me the perfect haircut I wanted and the shampoo treatments and all the extras were spectacular. Heck, I might have to fly to Vegas just for my haircuts. (Cue my bank account crying.)

Gamblers Box

It’s a little pocket safe you put money into so that you don’t give it back to the casino. I left the keys back home and I was stuffing that thing with $20s from Slots and $100s from the Cards. All told, it kept $480 in my pocket and not in the machine. I got it on Amazon and easily was worth the $30 I spent on it.

All in all, my trip was fun. All I did was gamble and relax. I didn’t have to worry about running around making it in time for appointments and shows. I did what I wanted to do and had a wonderful time. 

Gotta love Stripping 😉


Thank you all for reading.

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