I hate ads as much as you do, so I made the conscious decision not to include them on Viva Las Value. Instead of bombarding you with irrelevant spam, I want the focus to be on your user experience and Las Vegas.

While Viva Las Value is a labor of love, I haven’t been able to convince my webhosting or credit card companies to accept my free drinking advice as a valid form of payment, so I need your help to keep my advice flowing like the free drinks in Las Vegas.

The (not so) Small Print

I have partnered with companies that I trust, use frequently, and recommend without reservations. When you click through my affiliate links and make a purchase through their website, I will receive a small portion as a commission. You will still receive the same price and experience, and your purchase will support Viva Las Value — a real win-win!

I will only recommend companies, shows, attractions, restaurants, or websites that I have personal experience with. I care more about you having a positive experience in Las Vegas than I care about having a positive balance in my bank account, so I will never recommend or partner with a company/show/restaurant that I do not have positive firsthand experience with and use myself.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will use affiliate links while linking to these sites to make it easy for you to move a few pennies from corporation’s pockets into mine. I will NOT recommend things that are not worth your time or money, or try and upsell you; if you can find a better deal, please let me know so I can update my website and pass along the savings.

My Pledge to You

I am committed to earning and keeping your trust through honest experiences, unfiltered advice, and genuine recommendations. I promise that I will never recommend anything that I do not have positive firsthand experience with. I know, more than anyone, that every dollar counts when you’re planning a vacation, and I want each cent you spend to maximize your entertainment, enjoyment, and value in Las Vegas.


Supporting Viva Las Value

I sincerely hope that the information on this site helps you make the most of your Las Vegas and casino experience! If you’ve found Viva Las Value helpful, I’d greatly appreciate your support — moral, financial, or both.

If you’re feeling generous, you can support Viva Las Value in the following ways:

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FREE: Emailing Sergio

I’m a big Las Vegas nerd. I love sharing this passion with anyone who will listen (shout out to my long-suffering friends for pretending to care as long as they have), and one of the biggest reasons I started this site was to try and share this information with more people. If I’ve been at all helpful in your gambling/trip planning/deal finding, I’d love an email letting me know what you found useful.

Email me at: sergio@vivalasvalue.com

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