is an excellent resource for researching and/or booking competitively priced hotels, attractions, and show tickets before you even land in Las Vegas. I often use as a starting point for planning Vegas possibilities and getting a rough idea of what hotel prices look like. While you can usually save a couple extra bucks following some of the more advanced tips that I preach, is my recommended catch-all starting point, particularly if you’re new to Vegas or want a decent deal without all the hassle. has also offered an amazing Black Friday sale in 2018 and 2019, where they gave you a $50 promo with any purchase. Here’s to hoping they continue this promotion into the next decade!

I especially recommend to:

  • First time Vegas goers who don’t have players cards yet and/or are overwhelmed
    • If you’re planning your first trip to Vegas, you’re probably overwhelmed; I know I was, and that’s why I started this site. Once you get to Vegas, you’ll open up the Pandora’s Box of players cards. In the meantime, can give you a better rate than the so-called “sales” that hotels try and sucker you into. And you know exactly what hotel and room type you’re getting, unlike with Hotwire or Priceline.
  • People who want a “one stop shop” for planning their Vegas trip
    • If you want to purchase your hotel, attractions, and shows from one place (or even in one transaction), is the best and most affordable way to experience all of the variety that Las Vegas has to offer. Since they partner with all of the major resort companies, you aren’t limited to certain properties; you can get a taste of everything, without being tied down to anyone.
  • People who value convenience over the absolute best deal
    • If you’re anything like my mom, you value ease, convenience, and peace of mind over pinching a couple extra pennies (in this case, the apple did fall kind of far from the tree… I’ve been known to walk a mile to save $1 in ATM fees). While you may be able to save a couple of extra bucks by scouring the internet for limited time offers or taking advantage of players club promotions, makes it easy to book everything at once at a fair price. If simplicity and convenience is most important to you, is the way to go.
  • People who create (and stick to) a detailed itinerary in advance of their trip
    • If you like to create time-sensitive itineraries, you know the necessity of securing the right show time. I won’t pretend to understand, because I personally enjoy going with the flow in Vegas. Whereas you like the peaceI don’t like to be locked down to a set itinerary and enjoy the freedom that day-of tickets offer. However, for those of you that like to lock down plans in advance and can’t afford to risk your selected time/date selling out lest your whole vacation be ruined, will give you a good choice of showtimes and easy booking well in advance of the plane touching down at McCarran.


I mainly use to get an overview of hotel prices when choosing what week to travel. It can be helpful to see what the different resort companies are charging and get an idea of if it’s affordable or if a convention is in town jacking rates up. After choosing my week, I then check direct rates through the players clubs. While I can usually get a better deal (and earn additional points on my card) booking direct thanks to my gambling history, sometimes is competitive.

I also use to search for general information on a new attraction to see if it’s worth researching further. Searching for a bar/restaurant/attraction/show/museum/exhibit/club/etc through their SEARCH BAR on the top right, and then selecting the DESCRIPTION submenu on the page is a great way to get an overview of hours, pricing, dress code, and tons of other information at a glance. While you can usually find all of this information on the website, this gives you an idea if it’s worth poking around a specific site further.

Another feature of that’s super handy is that you can search for availability and book directly through them. If you do purchase through them, be sure to sign up for an account, as their “insider pricing” and periodic promotions can give you an even better discount. They also often run discounts where if you spend a certain amount, they give you a corresponding discount.

My experiences

I won’t recommend something that I haven’t personally used and enjoyed. I’ve booked multiple hotel rooms through, especially in my early days of going to Vegas when I didn’t receive comped/discounted rooms from gambling; the rates they were able to offer me were often better than anything else I could find without a players card.

For example, I booked a stay at Four Queens at the same price at the casino rate, but was able to receive a free “fun book” through that had 2 for 1 coupons, match play offers, and other discounts that added over $30 in value to the deal.

On 2018 Black Friday, I bought a ticket to the Mob Museum at the same price they sell for at the door, and I was rewarded $50 credit to spend on for my purchase; this effectively netted me a free ticket to the Mob Museum and a $25 credit to

If you do decide to check out, please click through any of the ads on this site (or any of the blue links on this page). If you do, I’ll get a percentage of your purchase as a commission, and you’ll enjoy the same low price.

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