I was wondering what the rate to stay at the Rio would be now. I don’t have a preference on the day. Thank you for you help your site is very helpful.

Nick, Omaha, NE | February 3, 2019

Hi Nick! Thank you so much for your kind words. As I work to generate content and get Viva Las Value off the ground, hearing that my work is helping people learn about Las Vegas is the best motivation I can ask for! I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my website, and I hope you’ll keep coming back as I add more content (and to let me know how your trip goes)! Please feel free to add me on Twitter (@vivalasvalue), Instagram (@vivalasvalue), or Facebook (@vivalasvalue) as well.


Checking Rates with Flexible Dates

As my post on casino conglomerates outlines, the Rio is a Caesars property.

Since Caesars has been running great comp offers on their rooms through the Caesars Rewards  players club (formerly Total Rewards, but rebranded as of February 1, 2019), you’ll want to check rates while signed into your account. If you’re not already a member, you can join here for free, and immediately unlock great deals.

When you get to the Rio’s website, select the “my dates are flexible” box to see a calendar view of the dates for your desired month. This will show you the different rates, and allow you to pick the best deal.

PROTIP: You can do this for all Caesars properties at once by selecting “Las Vegas” under the “Where Do You Want to Go?” dropdown on the left column. I do this to compare prices across multiple properties and choose the best deal/nicest comp for my dates.

Being flexible on your dates can save you a ton of money in Las Vegas, especially if you’re able to travel during week days. As you can see, weekends tend to be more expensive, as well as select dates (which usually coincide with a conference or other big event). It can help to look at this overview before booking your flights, just to make sure you’re getting the best deal and going at an affordable time.

I’d like to reiterate, because it’s that important: LOG INTO YOUR PLAYERS CLUB ACCOUNT BEFORE BOOKING. This trick will literally save you hundreds of dollars. In case you’re still skeptical, I’ll prove how valuable they are!


The Value of A Players Card

To illustrate how valuable players clubs are, I “booked” a Deluxe Masquerade Tower 1 King with a Strip View for March 10 through March 14th.

Here are the flexible rate calendars:

Rates for March 2019 at the Rio without a players card.
Rates for March 2019 at the Rio with a players card.


As you can see here, the special “promo” that they are running for suckers who don’t have a players card has nothing on the deals that they offer Caesars Rewards members. While the best “sale rate” of $32 may seem like a good deal, it pales in comparison to that beautiful $0 pricetag of a COMP room.


After Resort Fees

Of course, even with a comped room, you still have to take into account resort fees, so I looked into total costs after taxes and fees. The results speak for themselves.

The total for a Deluxe Masquerade Tower 1 King Strip View at the Rio from March 10 through March 14 without a players card: $540.60.
The total for a Deluxe Masquerade Tower 1 King Strip View at the Rio from March 10 through March 14 with a players card: $181.41.

Don’t worry, I pulled out the calculator so you don’t have to! That’s a savings of $359.19, or 66% of the room cost! By simply signing up for a free players card, you’re able to save over $350, which is more than enough for a couple of nice dinners, gambling, and drinks!

As a final point of reference, here’s the booking, for the same room/dates, for $397.18.

The total for a Deluxe Masquerade Tower 1 King Strip View at the Rio from March 10 through March 14 on $397.18.

As you can clearly see, booking direct really is the best way to go. Not only do you get the best deals through players clubs, but you also get free cancellation up to 72 hours before your check-in, the ability to rebook or cancel (useful if you’re monitoring prices and a better deal/comp comes along) for free, and many other perks.


I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, please comment below and I’d be happy to answer them!


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