Is there a way around or what are the best practices for using our Total Rewards Card (Caesars Rewards)? What I am truly looking into is… my wife and I both gamble in Vegas and only once a year average stay is usually 4-5 days. Can we link our rewards cards or will they give us a second card so we can both play (using the same account) at different parts of the casino? Hoping to have enough play to get something while we are still in Vegas each trip. Building for future room isn’t really an option because its a year before we get back. Let me know your thoughts and have really enjoyed the page and have also enjoyed your twitter.

Hoosier Vegas, Cornfields of Indiana | April 16, 2019


Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying the page and my Twitter. It can be hard to find the time/energy to write content after a long day at work, so hearing that someone is enjoying it gives me the motivation to keep plugging away! If you’ve got any suggestions/things you’d like to see, please don’t be shy in sharing!

This is a great question! Good news: combining cards is not only possible, but should result in cheaper rooms. Additionally, concentrating your spending on one trip should help you qualify for better comps. I’m going to divide my answer into three parts: linking cards, asking a host, and using Reward Credits.


Adding a Companion

You can link your Caesars Rewards accounts when you book direct through Caesars. After signing into your account, look for the “Add Companion’s Caesars Rewards Number” in the top right corner.

Clicking “Add Companion’s Caesars Rewards Number” will initiate a dropdown.

Clicking this will cause a dropdown to appear, where you will enter your partner’s Caesars Rewards number and Zip Code (which is apparently used for validating that you aren’t just stealing a Diamond/Seven Stars card and free-loading… damn Caesars for being one step ahead of me)!

Enter your partner’s Caesars Rewards Number and Zip Code, and it should link up.

I’ve never had the opportunity to test this functionality (it’s hard to find a partner who is attracted to degenerate gambling and excessive alcohol consumption…), but from the looks of it, this all seems pretty easy.

Their terms clearly state:

When two Caesars Rewards cards are used to obtain a better room rate/comp, both Caesars Rewards members must be present at the time of check-in for the rates to be honored. Should only one Caesars Rewards member arrive, the rates will be re-rated based on the individual’s Caesars Rewards account at the time of check-in. Upon the arrival of the secondary Caesars Rewards member, the original rates and reservation may be honored.

So as long as you’re travelling (and checking in) with your wife, you shouldn’t have any issues, and should guarantee the cheapest rate of the cheapest rates since you’re booking direct. Anecdotally, I’ve read multiple success stories of linking cards to get better comps/offers/promos on various forums and groups. If you give this a shot, let me know how it goes!

As always, be sure to book early and check the room rates often. Take advantage of the free cancellation to book and rebook in order to secure the best deal; I usually check once a week, or whenever I’m bored at work (so much more than once a week in practice).

As for playing on the same card, you shouldn’t have any problems getting multiple prints of the same card — I’ve even had agents offer two copies (likely in anticipation of me drunkenly forgetting one in the machine after storming off when Buffalo Gold soaks me for another $20 without any bonuses). However, I’m not sure if you can have two cards active at the same time or not at a Caesars property — I know from personal experience that you will run into problems with multiple cards at M Life (I learned this thanks to the aforementioned Buffalo Gold story).

I’m sure somewhere in the terms and conditions, it’s *technically* not allowed to use a card that doesn’t bear your name, but whether or not it will get caught or cause issues depends. I’ve read some anecdotal success stories on Vegas boards, but there’s definitely some risk here, so I don’t think it’s worth it — you probably can’t outgreed a casino!

I would probably recommend using your linked cards separately, since you will for sure be in compliance with the rules, and still be able to take advantage of the best offer by combining them.


Asking (for) a Host

Without knowing your budget, it’s hard to say what comps you may qualify for. However, if you’re running a lot through the machines, you may be able to get back end comps at the end of your stay. To do this, ask the clerk if you can “review your play” as you check out; they should be able to get you in touch with the casino host on duty, who will look over your spending and possibly waive some/all fees. It’s worth asking, since the worst they can say is “no,” and you may end up saving some money at the end;  as Bob Dylan said, “when you ain’t got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose” (which is also true for my dignity). If you spent a significant amount, they may even give you a permanent host, which can be a useful contact in setting you up with front end comps before your next trip; since your bankroll is concentrated on one trip, this may serve you well.

I’ve never had a personal host, so I can’t speak to it beyond reading others’ experiences, however I have had success getting discretionary comps by putting on my charming face and asking the player’s club if my 8 hours of degenerate video poker play constituted any free food; it did, in the form of a $30 food/beverage credit to the 777 Grill (this was at Main Street Station in the golden age of BConnected, though, so YMMV). This can also be valuable if you’re at a table game for a while and are tipping the dealer; the pit boss may be able to hook you up. It’s in no way a guarantee, but it never hurts to ask, and can give even a low-roller some nice perks.

Basically, shoot your shot, ask people if they can hook you up with comps, and see what happens; you may be surprised. Worst case you’re where you started, and best case you get some added value.


Reward Credits

If you’re wagering a lot and/or spending a lot on property, you may rack up quite a few Reward Credits over the course of your stay. Reward Credits expire after 6 months of inactivity, so you should apply them to your bill before leaving and/or smoke ’em while you’ve got ’em and use them for free play/room charges (unless you want to scheme a bit… more on that below).

Reward Credits are devalued when they’re redeemed for free play (1000 RC = $10 of food/beverage, or $5 of free play), so I recommend using them at participating restaurants or stores; I’m personally fond of buying a $3 Miller High Life tallboy at the LINQ liquor store (since I’m quite literally drinking the champagne of beer on a beer budget). I believe they can be applied as comps towards room charges as well, but I’ve never done this.

HOWEVER, if you do want to stockpile your points until your next trip, you have some options even if your locals casino(s) are not connected to Caesars Rewards. The best option that I use (although let’s be real, I just make the hour drive to Harrah’s Council Bluffs far more than I should) is Say and Play Surveys.

Say and Play Surveys is a market research company that will give you Reward Credits for completing surveys. You also get a 500 RC bonus when you sign up and complete your first survey! The surveys are tedious, so I don’t spend much time doing it, but it’s a great way to accrue some Reward Credits and keep your balance active without spending money or travelling.

I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, please comment below (or message me on Twitter) and I’d be happy to answer them! Please let me know how it goes adding a companion and what comps you score!


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