We went to the Peppermill and loved it, any restaurants similar to that. Great tasting food for lunch.
Also, maybe a higher end dinner place that won’t make me have to get a loan

Karol, Undisclosed Location | June 6, 2019


Embarrassing confession time: I’ve never been to the Peppermill.

It’s been on my Vegas to do list for years, yet I still haven’t made it! I love 24 hour service, diners, and breakfast food… so I really have no excuses other than my usual “degeneracy.”

Speaking of degeneracy, I don’t think anyone would describe me as “higher end” so I don’t have a lot of first-hand experience there. That said, let’s dive into some recommendations!


24 Hour Diners

Fair warning: I’m a breakfast fiend, so most of my recommendations revolve around breakfast.

The Peppermill is probably the quintessential Las Vegas diner, so you’ve done well to go there. That said, there are a couple well-regarded 24 hour diners that offer similar value:



Magnolia’s is a very affordable and versatile option in Downtown Las Vegas.

There’s a ton of great values to be had here, yet I find myself ordering the same thing every time: the Queen’s Breakfast.

Goodbye, indecision, and hello deliciousness.

For just $9.49, you get 2 eggs, 3 pancakes, a piece of french toast, 2 strips of bacon, AND a sausage patty. There’s no “ors” in there; that’s all “ands” baby! I love this because, as a huge breakfast fan, it removes all of the difficult decisions when it comes to ordering, letting me enjoy all of my favorite breakfast items for under $10.


Ellis Island

Ellis Island is notorious for their $7.99 steak special, but their Village Pub and Cafe offers a ton of solid options. Their BBQ joint is also well-regarded as a great value, not to mention their great casino with generous comps, $5 3:2 blackjack, and full pay video poker tables within walking distance of the Strip.

I forgot to take a photo of the steak special, so this burger will have to do.

The steak is a great value at under $10; all you need is a player’s card to unlock the additional discount to make it $7.99. Per their terms:

Available all day, every day. Get our famous steak special for just $7.99! Enjoy a 10 oz., Filet-Cut, Top Sirloin Steak, served with your choice of potato or rice, garlic green beans and home-made soup or salad. This offer is valid with your Passport Players Club coupon and the “Play $5, Get $2” Coupon, both available on the kiosk when you play $5.


Hash House a Go Go

Hash House a Go Go is an experience in and of itself. Their description of “twisted farm food” is a great way of saying they’ve got traditional diner food… with a kick. The portions are also MASSIVE – you could easily share them between two people and still have some left on the plate. With multiple locations – one downtown at the Plaza and one upstairs at the LINQ – it’s easy to get to.

They aren’t kidding when they say it can feed two.

Again, I tend to go for breakfast foods here. I’ve enjoyed the exotic pancake flavors (red velvet gets a bit too rich, but the banana one is to die for), as well as the towering chicken and waffles (which is pretty heavy on the thyme). They’ve also got some unique drinks and a fun atmosphere


Du-par’s is famous for their pancakes and pies. Based in San Francisco, they’ve got a franchise in Las Vegas at the Sun Coast.

Taken moments before this turned to a buttery, syrupy mush.

I went to their now-closed location in the Golden Gate (RIP), and didn’t think the the pancakes lived up to the hype. My hotcake hottake: I found them to be a bit too soggy after being soaked in butter. That said, if you are a pancake aficionado, it could be worth checking out to see how you think they stack up.


Mr. Lucky’s

Mr. Lucky’s at the Hard Rock is a well-regarded diner. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard good things about the $7.77 off-menu “gambler’s special” which is a steak with accouterments.


Dinner Recommendations

As I said, I don’t have much first-hand experience in terms of higher end dinner. That said, I would recommend going Downtown and/or off-strip to get the best value for your money.

I’ve heard good things about Oscar’s (at the Plaza) and Top of the World Steakhouse (at Binion’s), but my top pick Downtown would be for Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens. I’ve only heard rave reviews for their service, atmosphere, made-to-order salad cart, and overall food.

If you’re comfortable going off-strip, the Herbs and Rye happy hour (from 5-8pm) offers “50% off steaks and select food items” and gets great reviews on Yelp. It sounds like it gets crowded, so definitely make some recommendations if you’re planning to check it out!


I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, please comment below (or message me on Twitter) and I’d be happy to answer them! Please let me know how it goes adding a companion and what comps you score!


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