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Vice Advice #10: 6/10/19 – Off the Strip

Kentucky’s finest, Frodog61, inquires about venturing off the beaten path and going to locals casinos

Vice Advice #9: 6/6/19 – 24 Hour Diners

Karol seeks recommendations for 24 hour diners like the Peppermill, and an affordable yet upscale dinner place

Vice Advice #8: 4/16/19 – Sharing Players Cards

Hoosier asks about maximizing return by combining his players card with his wife’s

Vice Advice #7: 2/3/19 – Rates at the Rio

Nick from Omaha saves over $350 (66%) using the flexible rates calendar and his players card at the Rio

Vice Advice #6: 2/3/19 – 25th Anniversary and Panning for Gold

Sabrina from Omaha seeks suggestions for her 25th wedding anniversary, and asks where she can pan for gold in Las Vegas

Vice Advice #5: 2/2/19 – First Time at the LINQ

Chelsey from Arkansas is staying at the LINQ with her husband for their first Vegas trip, and seeks some suggestions for what to do

Vice Advice #4: 12/16/18 – Starting Budget

Alan from Kansas City wonders what a good starting budget is for a first trip to Las Vegas

Vice Advice #3: 12/16/18 – Hotdogs =/= sandwiches

Max from Syracuse inquires if hotdogs are sandwiches

Vice Advice #2: 12/16/18 – Daily Budgeting

Trey from Lincoln, NE asks about how to budget so you don’t end up blowing all your money the first day

Vice Advice #1: 12/15/18 – Inaugural Trip Recommendations

Melissa from Nebraska seeks restaurant/casino/sightseeing recommendations for an inaugural trip


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