Vice Advice is my tongue-in-cheek nod to Dear Abby and other advice columnists.

When you’re planning a Las Vegas trip, learning how to gamble, or trying to just make it through life, sometimes you need advice. Lucky for you, Viva Las Value is here for you! Since I enjoy living vicariously through others’ trips to Las Vegas, I actually enjoy sharing my experience and helping people plan their trips.

Because I haven’t done a good enough job of corrupting the next generation in my short-lived stint as a middle school social studies teacher, it’s time to share my degeneracy and extensive knowledge of vice(s) with the masses!

While vice or degeneracy is in no way required to ask for advice, I won’t judge either…

Please head over here to ask for your own personalized Vice Advice.

While you wait for a response, feel free to check out my Vice Advice archives.

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