Going to the casino can be overwhelming, especially the first time. Your senses are constantly stimulated; bright lights are flashing, tables erupt into boisterous cheers against the constant buzz of slot machines whirring, the sense of possibility is palpable in the air, and you can almost feel the excitement of a big win as you tip back your free drink.

Here at Viva Las Value, I’ve got your back! Here’s your step by step guide on what to do (click on the blue links for more details on each step)!

The first step, before you even set foot in a casino, is to set a gambling budget.

Before you start gambling, sign up for your free players card.

Next, learn the main differences between table games and machines so you can decide what game(s) to play.

Once you know what you want to play, learn the strategies for your games. I will write up some scoops for them soon, but in the meantime, check out Wizard of Odds.

If you’re in it for the free drinks, maximize your value with my fool-proof slow rolling technique.

When you’re done gambling, cash out at the cashier.


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