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You know the saying “you have to spend money to make money”? It holds true for couponing in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Advisor may be the best investment you can make.

The Las Vegas Advisor (LVA) requires a yearly membership; subscribers can choose between a $37 digital subscription, or $50 print membership. While subscribers also gain access to some (clunky) forums, daily reader polls, and a monthly newsletter, the real value is in the yearly “member rewards book” (MRB) which is full of valuable coupons. It may seem counterintuitive to pay for a coupon book, but after using a few, you’ll be way ahead; when I went on a coupon run with a Vegas Message Boards member in 2016, I pocketed over $250 from the gambling offers alone. Even if gambling’s not your thing, the BOGO coupons will easily pay for the membership many times over.

You can check out all of the coupons in this year’s LVA book here. Being a degenerate gambler, I’m quite fond of the match play and free play coupons, however there are also great deals on food, drinks, and attractions, so check it out and see what strikes your fancy.

While many of these are BOGO (buy one, get one), solo travelers can also redeem them for 50% off (as I have done many times), or you can get some good karma and surprise someone with a free meal.

I highly recommend pairing the LVA with the American Casino Guide (ACG) coupon book. You can read my post about the ACG here..


Being a value-minded reader, you may be wondering which coupon book to buy (if you’re not too busy cringing at the thought of paying for a coupon book). I can honestly recommend both; the price is a moot point when you factor in all of the savings above and beyond the combined $50 you’ll spend to get both.

The LVA and ACG excel in different areas, but compliment each other well. I feel the LVA has stronger gambling offers, but that comes with an increased price ($37). The ACG has weaker gambling offers, but a more accessible price ($12-18). Since they stack, there’s no reason not to use both and extract maximum value. (That said, you can only use one coupon from each book per year, so don’t go stocking up on a ton).

When it comes to food and attractions, everyone’s tastes are different, so I’d encourage you to check out the lists of coupons and see which better suits your tastes. That said, more options never hurt anyone, so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have both books.

Redeeming Coupons

After subscribing, you will receive your coupon book in the mail (or you can go to their office in Las Vegas to pick it up and save on shipping). You’ll be excited to start planning your itinerary, but don’t get ahead of yourself; the coupons are only valid if the players club watches you remove it from the MRB, so don’t rip them out until you’re at the casino. Let me repeat that for emphasis: DO NOT RIP OUT LVA COUPONS UNTIL YOU’RE REDEEMING THEM AT THE PLAYER’S CLUB.

Each coupon has different redemption instructions on the back, but if you’re in doubt, go to the players club. Often times they will ask you to tear out the coupon and print you a voucher which you’ll redeem; many restaurants/buffets can only accept this voucher (not the actual coupon), so save yourself the embarassment and stop by your friendly players club! While you’re there, grab an extra players card if you need, as most places require that to be presented with the voucher.

You can only redeem one LVA coupon each year, but they do stack with the ACG coupons, which can double your free play at certain casinos. Including in my…

Downtown Casino Crawl

If you’re heading to Fremont Street, I highly recommend a Downtown casino crawl using the following coupons:

  • $5 free play at Golden Gate
  • $5 free play at The D
  • $10 free play at Binion’s
  • $10 free play at Dowtown Grand
  • $10 free play at El Cortez
  • $10 free play at Four Queens
  • $10 free play at Plaza
  • $25 match play at The D
  • $25 match play at Golden Gate
  • $25 match play at Plaza

Enjoy the value! Drop a line in the comments and let me know how your coupon run goes and what deals are your favorite.

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