rɪˈzɔrt fi
  1.  An inescapable nightly fee added on to your room rate, regardless of where or how you book
    • Assessed equally on sale rooms, rooms booked through a third party, and rooms booked directly
      • Charged when you check into the hotel, even if you pre-pay in advance
synonyms: fuck you fee, corporate racket, ripoff, necessary bullshit
Usage Examples
“There will be a $37 a night resort fee assessed on your comped room, sir.”
“As if I didn’t lose enough at the 6:5 blackjack tables, the penny pinchers at MGM hit me with a $40 a night resort fee on my room.”

Resort Fees

As my pedantic definition explains, resort fees are a nightly charge that is tacked onto your hotel bill regardless of how you book. With few exceptions (namely people in high tiers of players clubs), everyone gets stuck paying them; resort fees affect everyone equally, but something tells me that’s not what Horace Mann had in mind when he spoke of the great equalizer.

Resort fees aren’t charged until check-in, so even if you score a great deal and pay in advance, you should still plan on paying an additional nightly rate when you get to Las Vegas.

Each property has a different resort fee, but as a general rule, you should expect between $35 and $45 a night on the Strip, and $15-25 a night Downtown. Read through the fine print to see the specific rate charged, and do be aware that almost a 20% tax is charged on the resort fee. (Shoutout to the Four Queens, one of the last remaining holdouts!)

If Ben Franklin lived in the 2010s, he sadly would’ve added “and resort fees” to his famous idiom about death and taxes. While I hope that declining tourism will incentivize casinos to rollback on the arms race of rising resort fees, for now they’re a necessary evil. So plan ahead, grin and bear it, and enjoy staying in a hotel far fancier than usual for far cheaper than it would be anywhere else!

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