Excuse the short post, but I’m currently kicking back on the 56th floor of the Cosmpolitan on a private balcony, with a Shock Top in hand, as Costas and Eugene shower and prepare for a night of debauchery on the town!

As some of you know, I went skydiving earlier today (through Sky Dive Las Vegas) to celebrate my 25th birthday! Because jumping out of a plane is totally a logical way to celebrate surviving for a quarter century.

I’ll be posting more on it later (it was an experience unlike any other, and I have zero regrets) but I wanted to post so that y’all know I survived, and to flex.

Head over to my detailed post on Skydive Las Vegas to find out if yours truly is a certified badass or the latest example of natural selection at work.

Here’s video proof/a humblebrag; it must be official, since it’s on YouTube!

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